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Child and Teen Therapy

When parents consult me about problems with their child or teenager, I take a developmental history and make an assessment of the current concern. I obtain the parents’ perspective of the problem and determine which behaviors are the most important to target for change.  I also meet with the child or adolescent for an individual assessment, which is a process most children find interesting and non-threatening. Children who come to therapy are often pressed by feelings that they do not understand and are exhibiting behaviors that are not serving their best interests (e.g. defiance at home or school, intense anxiety.) They want relief but are often developmentally unprepared to find a solution.

Information I collect from the parents and the child enables me to formulate recommendations and to collaborate with the family on the goals of therapy. If appropriate, I also speak to teachers or others who may have additional observations about the child.

Therapy with children and teenagers comes in a variety of forms but would most likely include play therapy, talk therapy and/or family sessions. This work always involves parents, and separate parent meetings are crucial for the purpose of guiding the child’s behavior in the home. The younger the child (12 and under) the more frequent the meetings.

I work with children ages 4-18.

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