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About Psychotherapy

The purpose of psychotherapy is to increase self awareness and  insight, and to promote changes in thinking and behavior.

Therapy is designed to address issues such as mood disorders, behavior disorders and long standing relationship problems. It may also be aimed at  everyday life issues that interfere with the ability to work optimally, perform in school, adjust to change or select a career path. Most people come to therapy when they feel they have exhausted their typical means of problem-solving and would like a fresh perspective.

Through therapy, clients can expect to improve their ability to solve personal problems and manage stress while increasing their overall sense of wellbeing.

Types of therapy

Therapy for children and adults can be insight oriented, with a focus on understanding how the client came to feel a certain way, which sets the course for changes and new directions.

Or therapy can be cognitive behavioral in orientation, which focuses on goal-setting and an understanding that “thoughts and beliefs”  cause feelings and drive behaviors ( not other people or outside circumstances).


I have a particular specialty in play therapy with young children, which is a natural and respectful way of helping children address their worries and problems in behavior.

I also have a special interest in the holistic means of addressing chronic illnesses through yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

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